With the recent heat wave that makes every outdoor experience a sauna, I yearn to look at something light and breezy instead of dark and broody, so I revamped the layout of the site (sorry to visitors from the southern hemisphere).

I’m just gonna wave my paper fan

Though the process proved more troublesome than expected, with unforeseen formatting problems popping up in weird places, lazy me decided to stick it out for some reason. I guess the stress of scurrying from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building and avoiding getting barbecued on the way between finally addled my brain. Luckily, I only have limited types of content on my website and can afford to change layouts at my whim. Maybe when winter is coming I’ll change it back to black.

Hope you guys like the new look 🙂. Comments and loitering are welcome 🌹🌹!

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