It’s been a slow news week on Mars, but not necessarily so for Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called) who were diligently voting Hua Chenyu to the top spots of Baidu’s Entertainment People Rankings (百度娱乐人物), where the first place gets free billboard ads at Times Square in New York City and Capital International Airport in Beijing for seven days. The ranking is entirely determined by fan voting. But the voting system does not distinguish IP addresses, requires voters to download Baidu app and follow at least a certain number of celebrities on the app, and awards extra votes to people who invite new users to download the app and share stuff from the app to Weibo — all in all, a scheme for Baidu to promote its mobile app. But the prizes are pretty enticing, so Martians went full throttle. Though in the end we missed first place by a narrow margin, the prize for second place — free billboard ads at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai and Shibuya, Tokyo for seven days — is no slouch either. And according to Google Trends, Japan is kind of an uncharted territory in Hua Chenyu’s influence reach.

Hua Chenyu Performing on The Coming One
Hua Chenyu performing on The Coming One. Photo by HUAHUA-LOOK

On another note, Damai started shipping tickets for 2018 Mars Concerts this week. Some Martians have already received their tickets. If you’re lucky enough to have obtained tickets for this year’s Mars Concerts from Damai or Owhat, don’t forget to check your mailbox in the next few days!

In other news, in this week’s episode of The Coming One (明日之子), contestant Tian Yi (田燚) got to duet with Hua Chenyu on a rearranged version of Hua’s “Kings and Paupers” as a perk for winning the first place in the previous round. Hua wrote a few bars of new melody into the song tailored specifically for Tian Yi, and the final performance was a simmering pot of innocent sincerity and loving tenderness.

But you know it’s a slow news week when one of the biggest headlines is Hua Chenyu’s new hairstyle. While many Martians were still fawning over Hua Hua’s fluffy and puffy haircut post-hibernation, Hua took to the scissors and got a Caesar cut — this time probably by a barber using a standard hair clipper instead of a bowl, as Hua had experimented with before, so there’s hope for our boy yet.

Here’s a video of Hua getting his hair cut with a bowl, in true Martian fashion.

: SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official Channel

Speaking of Hua Chenyu’s many hairstyles, including the one cut with a bowl, and the choppy bangs possibly gnawed by a dog, here’s a little image sequencing game to pass your time. (If you’re on mobile, tilt the screen to landscape mode for a better experience.)

: Unbridled_华晨宇放肆站

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