September 27 marks the 5th year anniversary of Hua Chenyu’s debut. In the past five years, Mars saw a population boost as Hua Hua continued to explore new boundaries of song-writing and musical expression, and we look forward to what exciting possibilities the future will bring as Mars ushers in a new era.

On the big day, Hua Hua posted a Weibo featuring a half-finished Lego car and a selfie accompanied by the words “Happy 5th anniversary! Who gave me this thing? It’s so hard to put together!”

From Hua Chenyu Weibo

A Martian detective immediately figured out from the angles of the photos that Hua had probably used the half-finished Lego car as a phone stand when he took the selfie. Others speculated that Hua had likely been tearing his hair out trying to put together the Lego set before he took the photo, as his hair looked adorably wild and fluffy.

As we march into this new era of random Lego frustrations and monosyllabic commands that can stop Weibo wars (last week, Hua posted a single word “停/Stop” on Weibo that immediately ended the “war” Martians waged against Hua Hua’s manager for keeping him singing at various music events despite his vocal illness, see this article for details), let’s tie up some loose ends from the past few weeks or so, namely, The Coming One.

As Hua Chenyu has been one of the regular celebrity coaches on The Coming One for two seasons, this website has closely followed the second season of the show since its conception.

Here’s what happened on The Coming One starting from Episode 10 after our old YouTube channel went kaput (no more translations though).

Watch Episode 10 on Tencent

Zhang Yihao was eliminated. Tian Yi won first place in this episode with a stunning duet with his idol Zeng Yike (曾轶可).

Watch Episode 11 on Tencent

Hua Chenyu did not attend this episode as he had to prepare for his concerts that day. Yang Mi filled in for Hua. During the episode, a pre-recorded video of Hua sending well wishes to the contestants on his team was shown. Cai Weize won first place of the episode and Deng Dian was eliminated.

Watch Episode 12 (season finale) on Tencent

In this episode, in spite of his vocal illness, Hua Chenyu performed a duet with contestant Tian Yi on the song “The Giant Deer”, simply because he wanted to help his students in whatever way he can. Click here to watch the performance. The duet round does not count in points standings. Only the solo rounds affect the contestants’ final standings. In the end, Cai Weize won the competition. Tian Yi finished runner-up. Swagger got third place.

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