October 20 — Hua Chenyu’s good friend and Superboy 2013 roommate Zuo Li is getting married to his eight-year girlfriend Xiong Xiaoyue today. Zuo’s fellow Superboy 2013 contestants — Hua Chenyu, Ou Hao, Bai Jugang, Ning Huanyu, Yu Tian, Zhang Yangyang, Rao Wei, Jia Shengqiang, and Ju Laiti — are best men at the wedding. Though the Superboy 2013 contestants have gone on different career paths after the show, most of them have remained good friends and hold get-togethers occasionally when their schedules allow.

Zuo Li & Xiong Xiaoyue’s wedding had the best looking best men troupe. Photo by 爱奇艺娱乐

Here are a few videos and photos of Hua Chenyu at the wedding.


Tying the bowtie

Video of the best men joking with the groom to “take it slow”, or otherwise they’d have to attend the baby shower soon, followed by the baby’s one-month birthday, 100-day birthday, etc., and things can escalate quickly. (Note from the future: In the video, Hua was counting red packets. Hours later, “Hua Chenyu counting red packets” became a trending topic on Weibo…)

Photo op

Door games

Door games are a common wedding tradition practiced in modern weddings in China. Wedding door games are usually designed and set up by bridesmaids at the bride’s family home to test the groom’s “worthiness” to receive his bride. Typically, bridesmaids will barricade the door when the groom comes to receive the bride on the morning of the wedding day, and demand the groom to complete a set of challenges to prove his love for the bride before he can be allowed in. The groom can usually enlist the help of his best man in completing the challenges. The groom and best man typically carry a lot of red packets (a red envelope with money inside usually given as a gift) on the big day to exchange for clues or leniency in door games.

Door game: Gimme your red packets In the video, the bridesmaids are demanding QR code payment (widely-used Chinese mobile payment services such as Alipay and Wechat Wallet let users make payments by scanning a QR code) instead of the usual red packets. The groomsmen claimed they didn’t bring their phones. Hua first wanted to get their phones, and then suggested they get someone to find the keycard and open the door directly.

Door game: Sing X songs containing the word “moon”

Door game: Find the bride’s wedding shoes – Part 1, Part 2: Hua Hua found one shoe

Tea ceremony

Another widely practiced Chinese wedding tradition is the tea ceremony. During the big day, the bride and groom are expected to serve tea to both sides of the parents in a show of respect and gratitude. The gesture also symbolizes the bride and groom officially becoming members of each other’s extended family.

Photo by 新浪娱乐

Evening update

The best men singing 2013 Superboy theme song “Dream Chasers”

Hua Chenyu comparing the designs of the best men’s suits with Zuo Li’s suit. Zuo Li loudly proclaimed that the suits are the same price, just with different designs, and vowed to fetch the price list.

Hua Chenyu tying the bowtie for Yu Menglong. Video from another angle.

Short Hua Chenyu interview, Same interview from another camera angle
In the interview, Hua revealed that the red packet the best men gave Zuo Li is definitely the biggest (with the most money) among the guests. Zuo Li once provided accompaniment at Hua’s concert and later jokingly claimed that Hua didn’t pay him for the gig. The interviewer asked Hua if he had paid him back double in red packet money. Hua replied, “I spruced up the proposal song he’s going to sing tonight for him. That definitely made up for (the accompaniment fees) I think!” The interviewer then wisely pointed out that the industry price of inviting Hua to “spruce up” a song would definitely more than cover the fees Hua owed. Hua said the song must be the most important song in Zuo Li’s life. Since Zuo is the first among the 2013 Superboy top ten contestants to get married, Hua said everyone wanted to be there for him on the big day when they heard the news, and were trying to help him in every way they can.

The best men goofing around with the groom: the groom calling daddy and everyone else saying “Ayy”.

The best men and bridesmaids photo op

Pre-banquet photo op

Zuo Li’s thank-you speech at the wedding
Zuo Li thanked Yu Menglong and Ou Hao for taking time off from their busy schedules no questions asked and being there for him on his big day. When it came to Hua Hua, Zuo became teary-eyed and thanked Hua for always helping him with his career, giving him gigs, inviting him to guest-star at his concerts and all sorts of events.

The best men carrying the groom

Entrance of best men and bridesmaids

Zuo Li singing to his new bride, with Hua holding the mic for him (Mic-stand Hua unlocked)

Photo by 新浪娱乐

October 22 update

November 10 update

New Estée Lauder video

On an unrelated note, here’s a new Estée Lauder promo video posted by Hua today on his Weibo.

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      1. I have no idea what they were thinking when they designed this 😂 What’s the point of making a link that only works on one type of device??!!

    1. The nostalgia is too real. And I think the Superboy competition marks a very special time in their life, on the cusp of boy-to-man, and treading on the path of no return towards stardom and all that entails.

  2. Nice to see Zuo Da Ye finally tied the knot!
    Man, what does Bai Ju Gang do with his hair? I don’t follow him after Superboy ’13 and his hair color got interesting. I remember there is 12 of them, I know Yu Meng Long is late to the party, do anyone have any idea where is Fan Shi Qi (I may misspell his name)? Nice to see Ou Hao is there, he’s getting busier and busier every time I heard of him.

    I miss the 2013 Superboys so much, the 2017 one doesn’t really catch my interest. The Nostalgia! I think I teared up watching them singing “Dream Chasers”. Even though halfway they forgot who sings which part, that is hilarious.

    1. As for Bai Jugang’s hair, well, you know what they say: Orange is the new black! Fan Shiqi did not show up at the wedding, not sure why. According to Baidu, he released a new song and acted in a TV show in 2018.

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