Air date of the opening episode of Zhejiang TV’s celebrity game show Trump Card (王牌对王牌) has been postponed to February 1. The show will air every Friday at 20:30 Beijing time (UTC+8). It has been widely circulated that Hua Chenyu will make his debut as a host on the show. Also joining him as hosts are Hua’s co-star in Flowers on Trip (旅途的花样) and comedian Shen Teng, actress Guan Xiaotong, TV host Shen Tao, and comedian Jia Ling.

The reason behind the show’s last-minute rescheduling has been the subject of much speculation on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, with some users claiming that the show’s postproduction team needed some more time for fine-tuning, while others theorized that it must have had something to do with disgraced actor Wu Xiubo, whose rumored affair involving a mistress and a blackmail case has been making the rounds on Chinese social media lately. Speculation has been ripe that Wu’s scenes might be cut from the already taped episodes, not unlike how Kevin Spacey’s scenes from Sony’s already shot film All the Money in the World had been cut out and reshot following sexual assault allegations against him. But nothing has been confirmed and we may never get an official explanation.

With the recent news of this year’s Oscars being “host-less” following Kevin Hart’s exit after his old homophobic tweets were dredged up, this has the distinct feeling of a global trend in the entertainment industry.

January 25 Update

Here’s the newly released Hua Chenyu trailer of the show.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs.

Here’s Zhejiang TV’s official YouTube channel where the show will probably be uploaded.

Tencent has also announced that the show will be uploaded to its video site.

Viewing Guide

You can watch the show on the following online VOD services (or on Zhejiang TV satellite channel). The episode will probably be uploaded after it finishes airing on TV.

Zhejiang TV official website
Zhejiang TV livestream
Zhejiang TV’s official YouTube channel where the show will probably be uploaded.

Cover photo by 王牌对王牌

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