Hua Chenyu made his debut as a host at last night’s opening episode of Zhejiang TV’s game show Trump Card Season 4. In this tribute episode to old Chinese movies, Hua also got a rare chance to try his hand at acting when he re-enacted a famous scene from the 1980 movie Romance on Lushan Mountain with co-host Guan Xiaotong. You can watch this endearingly awkward performance here.

In an attempt to set the nostalgia tone for a tribute episode, the show arranged Hua and guest star Huang Bo to perform the 90’s pop hit “Legend of the Hungry Wolf”. The song may sound dated, but it did help set the tone for a tribute episode dedicated to old movies, and Hua got to have fun howling like a wolfling.

Other highlights of the episode include Hua’s hilariously accurate auditory depiction of a rollercoaster, and his vivid re-enactment of some of the famous scenes from old movies.

You can watch the entire episode here.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

4 Replies to “Galloping Guests and Howling Hua Hua at Opening Episode of Trump Card Season 4”

  1. Would you guys be able to add subtitles to this show? Can’t wait to watch it! Thanks a lot for bringing Hua Hua to us non chinese speakers ❤️

    1. Hi Mimihaela,
      We’ve already started translating a clip from the show. We’ll be testing the waters first and see if we get any copyright strikes for our videos.

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