Inspired Improv by Hua Chenyu and Possible Onscreen Superboy 2013 Reunion on Ace vs Ace

Hua Chenyu at Ace vs Ace Season 4

If you are a frequent flyer to Mars Concerts, you are probably wise to the ways that Hua interacts with his audience through improv songs and sing-alongs at various music events. This week’s episode of Ace vs Ace (Season 4 Episode 7) caught one of Hua’s improv performances on tape when he re-arranged the 1999 hit song “There’s a Girl (有一个姑娘)” by Zhao Wei on the fly in three different styles and wowed costars and audience members alike.

You can watch the performance here.

Here’s a video collection of Hua’s improvs.

Video by 梦化成雨.

On March 24, Hua posted a photo of himself posing with the other contestants of Superboy 2013 on his Weibo accompanied by the words “Thank you, Ace vs Ace!” (Hua debuted on the singing competition show Superboy 2013 and was the winner of that season.) It’s safe to assume that in one of the future episodes, we’ll get to see an onscreen Superboy 2013 reunion on the show, adding another installment to this season’s nostalgic theme.

Photo from Hua Chenyu Weibo.

In an Ace vs Ace post-episode interview released on March 25, Hua critiqued a couple pieces of fanarts from a truly eclectic range of styles and read a few fan messages in a Taiwanese accent. Click here to watch the interview.

Here are some photos from last week’s episode courtesy of Zhejiang TV.

You can watch the entire episode here

In other news, at the press release of personal care products brand Liushen (aka Six God) held on March 23, a new commercial featuring Hua Chenyu was unveiled, which will likely hit the screens this coming summer. Hua has been the brand ambassador of Liushen since 2017.

March 26 update

Yesterday while I was writing this article, Hua posted a set of selfies on Weibo in response to the Ace vs Ace post-episode interview mentioned above, where he was read a message from Martians requesting more selfies from him. Hua was quick to appease Martians, and demanded some quid pro quo in return. Martians have been posting selfies and hilarious self portraits in the comment section nonstop. If you want to join in on the fun, click here to view the post or leave a comment (a Weibo account is required to post comments).

New magazine

Hua Chenyu will be featured on the cover of CHIC magazine’s April issue. The magazine teased fans with a short video and several photos of Hua ambling through exotic plazas, having staring contests with camels, clutching wild flowers in Instagram-worthy poses and caressing leopard print scarves in the Middle East.

Click here to order the issue online (the website is in Chinese).

Cover photo by Zhejiang TV

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