Hua Chenyu Opens up about Ex-Girlfriend and Re-Enacts Classic Romantic Scene in Meteor Garden

Hua Chenyu at Ace vs Ace Season 4

After years of staying tight-lipped about his private life, Hua Chenyu opened up about his ex-girlfriend during his student years in Wuhan Conservatory, who was also the keyboarder of Hua’s college band Kangxi (康熙乐队), in this week’s episode (Season 4 Episode 9) of Ace vs Ace aired on March 29.

Hua’s former bandmate, Huo Chenfei, made a guest appearance on the show and talked briefly about how he arranged a meeting with Hua’s ex-girlfriend while Hua stayed in the backseat of his car so that he could see her without being seen. This happened a few days before the girl was about to take the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination and sometime after Hua became a celebrity. Hua explained that he didn’t want to upset her or negatively affect her performance in the upcoming test, so he remained hidden. In Hua’s reminiscence, their relationship was like that of an old couple’s, complete with long silences and riverside walks. Later in the “Words to Your Younger Self” round of the episode, Hua wondered if she got married or had kids, and sent well wishes to her and her parents.

Since Hua has always been a pretty private person, this site respects his wishes and never speculates on anything he does not choose to reveal publicly himself. It is rare for Hua to open up about his past relationships. And since Google keeps telling me “Hua Chenyu girlfriend” is one of the most searched keywords about Hua, hopefully this article will help quench some of the curiosity around this topic, and clear up some other rumours once and for all.

After performing skits on the show for seven episodes, Hua’s acting skills have been improving steadfastly, as is evidenced in his re-enactment of this classic scene in the 2001 young-adult romantic drama Meteor Garden in yesterday’s episode.

You can watch the entire episode here (English subtitles coming soon).

Video by Zhejiang TV

Cover photo by Zhejiang TV.

13 Replies to “Hua Chenyu Opens up about Ex-Girlfriend and Re-Enacts Classic Romantic Scene in Meteor Garden”

  1. While watching the episode, it felt like Hua Hua had his private life exposed against his wishes. Even the rooftop component seemed like he was forced to do it (even if the speech was his—which once again showed how sweet of a person he was). 😔

    I hope people stop searching about his ex at the very least—out of respect for him and the girl. I also hope the public in general will stop spreading rumors about them. Just let Hua Hua do his thing—both in private and public life—and take what he does reveal to us of his own accord.

    But the little girl from my childhood screeeamed when Hua Hua started singing 情非得已. 花澤類 was my favorite in Meteor Garden! (So was 五啊哥 in 還珠格格.) And one of my favorite artists is Jay Chou! 花花’s impersonation of Jay Chou reminded me of Show’s impersonations back in the day, and it had me in stitches 🤣 Hua Hua is really too precious ❤️

    1. Oops, sorry, just realized your previous comments got accidentally caught in the auto spam filter. I restored them. The filter is kinda trigger-happy around non-English characters. Lots of false positives. Sorry you had to type that twice.

      And yes I agree that Hua seemed reluctant to talk about that topic in the rooftop scene. I think the show probably wanted to create some splash and buzz, the kind that would top Weibo’s trending topics list. Well, they succeeded. It’s all par for the course in showbiz I guess, but at what price? Though I think Hua Hua will be OK in the end. He’s been through worse.

  2. We care the most about Hua Hua’s music and his old soul, childlike personality <3 Let his private life remain private. Best wishes to his ex, Hua Hua, and whomever he ends up with (: Now let’s just let everyone live their own life happily and peacefully.

    Super happy to see Hua Hua impersonate 花澤類 and Jay Chou and sing 情非得已.

    1. His Taiwanese accent is on point! And he did surprisingly well in the Limbo round, too! That bar was 85 cm I think. That’s less than half of his body height. All the Tai chi he did when he was a kid must have helped with his core stability and flexibility.

      1. Haha, his Taiwanese accent during the BTS interview was too funny! Especially when he was reading the mushy fan comments (“你知道嗎?”) lol.

        There was a picture on Instagram of Hua Hua and was various poses leaning backwards during performances. Martians were surprised, but can’t say we were TOO surprised 😂

        Thank you for restoring my other comment! Yeah, showbiz is kind of dark =/ Martians need to stay vigilant and not support that kind of darkness

        1. Haha, you’re spot on! I’ve discovered the secret to a convincing Taiwanese accent is to pronounce “你知道吗?” as “你造吗?”, and “我喜欢你” as “我悬你”, teeheehee.

          I think in the long run, making a very public and sufficiently detailed statement about at least some small, harmless part of his private life (like a past relationship) might have some benefits. Giving tabloids and paparazzi absolutely nothing is just inviting them to keep digging, keep asking uncomfortable personal questions, and keep making things up and spreading fake news because they’ve got nothing concrete. This way, he can at lease control the narrative a little bit, and when people type common questions like “Hua Chenyu girlfriend” into a search engine, at least there will be some real, proper information out there instead of clickbait rumors and tabloid fake news. Maybe I’m too optimistic…

  3. I think that was what Hua Hua was thinking too. He knew if he didn’t deliver something on his own, they’d keep asking his friend, who may give more details than Hua Hua would want, or pester Hua Hua himself, which could lead to uncomfortable questions and back Hua Hua into revealing more than necessary. Might as well just feed the wolves something of his own accord to distract them and lessen the potential damage. Hua Hua’s quite bright and has been in showbiz for five years now, so I think he’s learnt a good amount of the rules already and know how to avoid being entangled in messy things further than needed. Besides, the information he revealed was already revealed in another interview, so there’s not too much to lose still.

    1. Yep, Hua Hua’s a smart and perceptive guy. His youthful and guileless looks tend to make people underestimate him.

  4. Hey guys! Thank you for translating that episode, it was so much fun to watch! are they any rumors on the Mars concert this year? I really hope overseas fans can buy tickets this year because I really really want to go…Thank you for all your hard work <3

      1. Thank you for your support! Hua said in an interview earlier this year that the 2019 Mars Concert(s) will be held in a new location (that has never held a Mars Concert before). He also plans to add new elements to his concerts this year (though he didn’t give any specifics). Currently there is no information (rumours or official announcements) on whether overseas fans can buy tickets this year. As always, this site will follow Hua’s public events closely and post new info when it’s available.

    1. Thank you for your support! In a recent interview with CHIC magazine, Hua mentioned that he had trouble booking a venue for this year’s concert, because he wanted to add new elements and make it more than simply a concert (though he didn’t specify). He was trying hard to lock down the venue first, but said that if venue hunting didn’t go well, he might have to postpone the concert to next year.

      1. yeah… I watched it in one of the video either in fb or yt, don’t remember which one.. hope the venue hunting will go well.

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