Ace vs Ace Music Special Finds Hua Chenyu Back in His Element

Hua Chenyu at Ace vs Ace Season 4 Episode 10

While all the previous episodes of this season’s Ace vs Ace have largely stuck to the formula of inviting beloved actors and actresses from popular vintage TV shows to play games and hoping that the nostalgia will take care of the rest (such as ratings and critical reviews), this week’s episode (Season 4 Episode 10) took a slight detour with an all-musician guest-star cast including veteran vocalist Na Ying, popular music duo Phoenix Legend, singer and vaudevillian Xiaoshenyang, and Hong Kong-based singer and actor William Chan.

Hua Chenyu was visibly in high spirits as he enjoyed some friendly competition against fellow musicians and a rare chance to flex his vocal chops on the show. Hua dominated most of the games in this episode, and did so in style.

Friday night’s episode also saw Hua performing a heart-wrenching rendition of guest star Na Ying’s “The Day Doesn’t Know the Darkness of the Night”. Na returned the gesture with a nifty re-arrangement of Hua’s “I Don’t Care”.

Staying true to its ‘Member Berry nature, the show invited Hua’s fellow Superboy 2013 contestants for a teary-eyed reunion and a reprise of that season’s theme song “Dream Chasers”. Parrying the show’s attempt to fish for gossip, Hua revealed that he’d sometimes play Xiangqi (Chinese chess), Go, and ping pong with his Superboy friends, and that Rao Wei once helped him through a rough patch when he was struggling mentally. Zuo Li and Zhang Yangyang also thanked Hua for helping them with their careers, giving them gigs and the courage to carry on.

Hua Chenyu at Ace vs Ace Season 4 Episode 10
Superboy reunion on Ace vs Ace Season 4 Episode 10. Photo by Zhejiang TV

You can watch the entire episode here (English subtitles by Hua Chenyu English Subs).

Video by Zhejiang TV

All photos courtesy of Zhejiang TV.

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  1. Oh yes… this episode I rewatched the most from all season’s of Ace vs Ace… and I replay some scenes more than 10 times till now. My favorite is the “Shi Shei” series, where hua hua bring the atmosphere for us wondering for what’s the next song will be with a sentence start with “shi shei”.. I recognized 3 of the songs wasn’t started with that notes, so I did some research on what are the other songs originally sounds like.. found out that only 2 songs actually using the same note at the beginning of the sentence or at least close enough, while the others are completely different, 2 of them are rap (that is Nunchuck and Will Pan’s song about the microphone)

    1. Ahh yes! That scene was very cathartic to watch! Actually the entire episode provided some much needed relief from all my pent-up frustrations accumulated from a severe shortage of Hua Hua doing serious music stuff in all the previous episodes.
      I think only in the first two (?) songs the notes for shi shei (是谁,or who in English) match what he sang. In all the ensuing songs he only sang those two notes to keep the audience guessing, and it worked very well!

      1. indeed he’s not doing enough music in the show, but I’m still glad he decided joining the show, I won’t digging his info if not for the show. But anyway I think this show is good for his experience, the members are like family, and he emotionally started to attach to them. And I also find him getting more relax, which is good for himself.

        1. Oh, I totally understand. His schedule is already hectic and I’m glad he can relax a little on a show that’s not so demanding creatively speaking. One can only do 24-hour rearrangements/compositions so many times before it stops being fun. And inspiration can’t be forced. I hope he can have the freedom to do the kind of music he likes at his own pace, but alas that’s probably a tall order for a celebrity in today’s showbiz environment. To me, the most appealing thing about Hua’s music is his passion, sincerity and intensity, and I hope he never loses that joy on stage. I remember Hua said in an interview that if someday he stops loving music, he probably won’t stay in showbiz anymore, so I think he’d be fine either way.
          All in all it simply feels good to see him having fun on the show. And Hua needs to be applauded for willingly stepping out of his comfort zone and trying new things.

          1. indeed.. I watched that interview as well. of course I hope he won’t ever stop loving music, but on top of all I just want him to be happy and stay carefree, enjoy his life to the fullest.

    1. Someone reported our subtitles and Zhejiang TV took them down. We are trying to sort this out with them.

        1. Only Zhejiang TV knows that. But from what they said, it was probably intentional, which was very sad…

          1. Unbelievable.. what kind of person report something like this.. the content not even dangering or damaging.. crazy people..

          2. *sigh* in case they don’t reupload the subtitle, do you guys have any backup plan? Do you still translating the rest episodes?

          3. If Zhejiang TV doesn’t put the subtitles back up, there’s nothing we can do actually. It’s their show and they can do with it whatever they want. But putting the show on YouTube means they’re at least showing interest in attracting a wider audience. English subtitles will help them achieve that. It’s really quite bizarre and frustrating. Lots of mixed messages from them…

          4. mmm.. hopefully they resolve any problem behind soon and reupload back the subtitle..

  2. I have seen lot more about hua chenyu on the show but maybe it would be good if the english subtitles on the episodes will be added again. I can watch the show but I dont totally understand what they are saying. I hope english subs will be added since there are lots of hua hua ‘s fans around the world who may not understand fully the mandarin language. 😊

      1. Thank you for the info 😊
        I have watched the episode 6 a while ago and probably the next 2 more episodes later. 😊😊

      2. Thank you so much for the info.😊
        I have watched episode 6 a while ago and maybe the next 2 more episodes later 😊.

  3. I saw all the subtitled Ace vs Ace episodes, would love to see this one again😔 I was so sad when they took the subtitles down, Hua seemed so comfortable in this show!
    It was my first time watching a Chinese variety show and Gosh, I laughed so much 😂😂😂 they all did an amazing job with this season.
    Thanks for the two episodes on Amara, I’ll watch those again to cheer me up.
    I wish one day I could take all of you guys to a big dinner to show my gratitude. Maybe on November 1st before going on Mars❤️

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