Hua Chenyu at Ace vs Ace Season 4 Episode 12

With the kind of endemic shortsightedness and profit-over-principle mentality prevalent on Chinese TV, the Season Four finale (Episode 12) of Zhejiang TV’s variety show Ace vs Ace took a bizarre turn into an ill-assorted plug for the channel’s upcoming major variety show Keep Running, delivered with the subtlety and finesse of a raging bull in a china shop. Annoyed by the blatant plugs on the show? Fret not. Treat yourself to this gorgeous and totally free copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity available on

Inviting stars from the channel’s next big show as guests on the season finale should have been a smart move in theory, but the execution left much to be desired. While celebrities have been plugging their works on variety shows since the genre was invented, few have done so in the kind of toe-curling tableau displayed Friday night.

I’ll spare you the details on some of the overscripted “game play” and spoonfed sketches that were more cringe than comedy, as well as the superfluous promotion of Keep Running that had become repetitive and repetitive ten minutes in, and urge you to relax with a limited-time free copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity to blow off some steam instead, available for download at

But the episode is not without merit, what with a heartwarming video montage highlighting the four Ace team members’ (Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong) journey throughout the whole season, and Hua’s heartfelt re-arrangement of the Ace vs Ace theme song, for which he thoughtfully enlisted the help of the behind-the-scenes staff on the show, and later invited them on stage for a resounding coda to the season finale. Click here to watch the performance. By the way, if you’ve always wanted to experience the scene described in Hua’s hit song “Quasimodo’s Gift” and were devastated by recent news, download this free copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity featuring an incredibly detailed albeit slightly modified 3D model of Notre Dame for you to climb and carry out assassinations in, available on

Despite a slow start, a misguided finale, and the occasional ropey writing sometimes salvaged by quick-witted improvisations of the performers, this season’s Ace vs Ace added some much-needed heart and humour, as well as a generous dose of sentimentality to the usual parade of spring time TV shows, and will be rewatched by many with fondness.

You can watch the entire episode here.

Video by Zhejiang TV

Photo by Zhejiang TV

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14 Replies to “Ace vs Ace Ends on a Shameless Plug for Zhejiang TV’s Next Variety Show Keeping Running”

  1. At first I thought you were trying actually to console people with the first plug😂.
    I tried to focus on the positives and Ace family that episode. But I definitely liked the guests in other episodes much more. As a foreign fan, through AcevsAce I got to learn more Chinese songs and dramas. The reunions were also touching and some made me teary eyed even though I had never seen the guests before. But with this ep for the first time the guests made me feel slightly uncomfortable. Because I really like the Ace family so I tried not to be too bothered by the plug. Shenteng, Jialing, HuaHua, and Xiaotong. Shenteng is funny and even the games he wasn’t great in he could make you laugh. Jialing is quick witted and nice. When someone danced to Luhan’s song, Jialing stood no front of Xiaotong and asked why everyone was looking at herself. Xiaotong is cute and also talented.
    As for HuaHua we got to see him every week which was so nice. Super handsome and cute, sings well, acts well, plays well. Although super shy at first, he warmed up to people there. Most importantly he enjoyed shooting AcevsAce. Although I was sad it was ending, the final song left me happy. I replayed the flour pass and ending song a lot. I will probably end up rewatching various episodes as well.

  2. Yep! It’s a fun show and Hua Hua has clearly begun to enjoy himself and the company of the Ace family on set. I’m gonna miss seeing him weekly on TV.

  3. I read your comment about someone reporting your subs for Ace vs Ace … Is there any chance we get them back?
    Thank you again for your hard work you are lovely people ❤️

    1. Yes, currently it’s looking good. Zhejiang said they’d put them up some time later. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. Yeah even though I liked watching their Keep Running, but they did it overly this time. Why did they do it? In my opinion because this year, they only have half of the old member, and most of all Lu Han won’t join this season, while he actually the one attract foreign fan the most. Anyway I love this year’s cast of Ace vs Ace better than last 3 seasons. It’s like each has fair part in the show. Each has strength and weakness but that’s what make them a family. I couldn’t see it from the last 3 seasons but maybe because the concept is different. This year they become a family and compete with guests team, previous seasons they were parted into two teams and each has guests in their team. Maybe that’s why I never thought of them as a family before. I always though they change it for Hua Hua to make him less awkward, but with or without Hua Hua I like this arrangement better. They deserve to be together as a family not an opponent.

    1. I’ve only watched one episode of Keep Running (the one Hua was in), but from what I’ve seen, the chemistry on set was pretty toxic, lots of bullying, posturing and no genuine friendship or deep human connection. But I’m probably biased XD

      1. no you’re not biased. At that episode when Hua was in that’s what it shown, but actually it depends on the game, there are episodes they fight together as a team which is cool cause we can see how close they are. Anyway for the sake of the show they also often fight, bully or cheat each other, but it’s still much better compare to the korean version, which is why I stopped watching the korean version.
        Back to topic, looks like Keep Running is still the most popular show for that TV Channel, which I understand why they make the last episode this way, but understanding doesn’t mean I agree to it. It’s not fair for the Ace Team, and also not fair for the Ace’s viewers, it’s not enjoyable watching it. I hope they stop doing things like this and only make a show for the sake of making a good show, like Hua always make music for the sake of good music, that same attitude/principle.

        1. Oh, I see, so they have different games and team dynamics for different episodes of Keep Running. That’s good.
          I totally agree with you on the “making a show for the sake of making a good show” principle. I’ve always thought there’s this unwritten rule in television that shows have ad breaks so that entire episodes won’t become ads (unless it’s The Price Is Right 🙃), but apparently not anymore. That’s what irks me the most about the Ace vs Ace finale. It might be relatively harmless for personal blogs and video channels to goof around a bit. But Zhejiang TV is a satellite channel that can be received in remote mountain fastnesses in China. It has a social responsibility simply on account of the sheer magnitude of its coverage and audience. I know doing any kind of creative work in China is like dancing in shackles, and there are people fighting tooth and nail just to get a smidgen of meaningful content published, but to all Chinese content creators: please persevere, even if for nothing else than the fact that millions of people are counting on you to help them escape their lives for a few hours.

  5. ”With the kind of endemic shortsightedness and profit-over-principle mentality prevalent on Chinese TV, the Season Four finale (Episode 12) of Zhejiang TV’s variety show Ace vs Ace took a bizarre turn into an ill-assorted plug for the channel’s upcoming major variety show Keep Running, delivered with the subtlety and finesse of a raging bull in a china shop.“

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