Hua Chenyu Beijing News Interview

If you’ve been missing Hua Chenyu’s soothing voice and adorable face lately, here’s what our Martian wunderkind has been up to these past few weeks.

On May 10, Hua posted a newly released Estée Lauder lipstick commercial to celebrate May 20 (the date 5.20 is a pun for “I love you” in Chinese) on his Weibo. You can watch the video here:

Speaking of commercials, Hua Chenyu-endorsed brand Liushen (aka Six God) also released a new commercial for their summer personal care product line featuring Hua Chenyu. You can watch it here.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

Chinese broadsheet paper Beijing News recently conducted an interview with Hua Chenyu and has been leaving a breadcrumb trail of Hua Chenyu content on various platforms in the past few weeks, ranging from Wechat (a Chinese messaging app) videos, Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) articles to print newspaper content. You can watch the video interview here with English subtitles provided by Hua Chenyu English Subs channel.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

Thanks to Hua’s rising popularity in the Sinosphere, he also appeared on a Malaysian and Singaporean newspaper respectively following the wrap-up of his Ace vs Ace MC debut.

If you’re looking for new photos of Hua, here are some new Hua Chenyu photos from

After this recent bout of media blitz, Hua will perform at several music festivals in the upcoming month (check out this site’s Schedule page for details). His long term plans for 2019 remain unchanged: a music variety show later this year, 2019 Mars Concert, and the release of his fourth album.

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  1. Gah, I really want to buy that lipstick set (and the perfume in his other photo). Too bad it’s LE in China 🙁

    1. You should have joined Hua’s official oversea fans club and become a member. They help members to do the purchase. Though you might only get the product much later (they need to sort out, check out shipping possibilities and cost).

      1. The fanclub on QQ Chat? I couldn’t join because I couldn’t read enough Chinese to figure it out 😭

        1. Yeah, QQ has an international version complete with an English user interface, but from what I’ve heard it may not have the same functions as the Chinese version. (I’ve never used it, so take what I said with a grain of salt.) Also, to join the international fan group, they will ask you a couple of Hua Chenyu-related questions for verification. Another user said they failed the verification check, so the fan club is probably not very easy to join. But I suppose it won’t hurt to give it a try though if anyone’s interested. For more info, click here and see the paragraph marked with a red box in this post. Or go to the 3rd question in the FAQ section on this page.
          Another route might be trying to buy it on Taobao (Chinese online shopping website) directly. Years ago I’ve met people living outside of China who are able to buy stuff from Taobao and have the goods shipped overseas. Though I’m not sure if it’s still doable now. And I don’t know anything about the shipping policy of Estee Lauder’s Taobao shop either. This is the pre-order link for the lipstick set on Taobao. Click here for the perfume link.

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