Seemingly done with waltzing around in colourful ensembles for magazine shoots (feast your eyes on this set of photos for example), Hua Chenyu thrilled a fervent Chengdu crowd at yesterday’s BBF Music Festival (aka Bit & Beat Fest) in a black tee and baggy pants with a genre-fluid setlist including “I Don’t Care”, “Bullfighting”, “Seek”, “Jackdaw Boy”, “For Forever”, “A New World”, and “Why Nobody Fights”.

You can watch Hua’s entire set here with English subtitles timely provided by Hua Chenyu English Subs channel.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

The highlight of the night was arguably this performance of Hua’s “A New World”, a seldom performed self-written single to be released in his upcoming fourth album.

Video by yu A

Cover photo by Hua Chenyu studio

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