2019 Mars Concert Set on November 2 in Shenzhen

Attention Martians! The 2019 Mars Concert will take place at Shenzhen Bao’an Stadium (深圳宝安体育中心) on November 2. Ticket information has not been released yet. If you plan on joining Hua Chenyu in his annual Martian homecoming, make sure to clear your schedule and start looking for temporary Martian lodging around the landing area in advance. Excited Martians from Weibo have already reported difficulty in hotel booking around November 2 in vicinity of the stadium.

Bao'an Stadium

Here are some photos from last year’s Mars Concerts to get your blood pumping.

In other news, Hua Chenyu will reprise his role as a mentor on Season 3 of Tencent’s singing competition show The Coming One (明日之子) – All-Girl Version. Also joining him as mentors are Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun, comedian Song Dandan, producer Long Danni, member of Rocket Girl 101 Meng Meiqi, and Season One winner Mao Buyi.

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  1. Sorry guys, shortly after this post was published, the site’s server went kaput for like an hour or so. I had to restore it to a backup version made 7 days ago. So if you find your recent comments are missing or any other weird stuff going on, that’s because the site just time-travelled to 7 days ago. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything’s back to normal now.

  2. Ok, I have to say the blackout almost gave me a heart attack. I was thinking, not again! Glad everything’s good again.

    I’m excited but sad at the same time. Living across the ocean is no fun when you really want to go to Mars. 🙁

      1. I’ve been saving up my vacation days for this since I couldn’t make it last year. I’m worried they will require a Chinese ID again this year 🙁

        1. Yep, that would be bad 🤦‍♀️. Currently there’s no ticket information though. I really hope the event organizers will consider improving their international service. Although, with the trade war, brexit, and all the other crazy things going on these past few years, it seems the international economic ecosystem is rapidly dissolving…

          1. International ET are ET too 😖 Could they consider Passport ID instead?

            But the stadium size is too small. It’s less than half of Bird Nest, and both dates sold out within 3 minutes last year for Bird Nest!

          2. Last year, Damai (the ticketing platform) originally said they would allow passport ID, but reneged at the last minute, no idea why. They said the Chinese ID requirement was to curb ticket scalping. Then theoretically speaking, passport ID should work as well. I really hope they can work out all the kinks this year. After all, they have a lot of time to practice. Judging from past Mars Concerts, I think this year’s tickets will likely also be sold on damai.cn, with a small number of tickets set aside for Owhat (a fan service platform) sales.

    1. Currently there’s no official information about tickets. I think it’ll be a while before they release ticket information (as is the case for last year’s Mars Concerts).

        1. Really hope the ticketing platform will step up their game this year… Or maybe you can try to join the overseas fan club. They’ll help overseas fans buy tickets.

  3. Taking leave from work ( tick)
    Looking at airfares and hotels ( tick)
    Now i just need tickets to Hua Hua concert 2/11. Fingers cross overseas fans can buy them. or genuine hua hua fans in china can get them for us.

    1. Me took I have taken leave and hotel booking now just left with the ticket.

      I really hope kind fans over this chat could drop me a msg once you have news on the tickets sales as I really had no clue on where and how to get. As my mandarin is bad cant read much of the characters except basic ones.

      Btw are you guys on this chat all from Singapore too?

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