Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert poster

Attention Martians! Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concerts (华晨宇2019火星演唱会) will take place at Wuyuanhe Stadium (五源河体育场) in Haikou on November 15, 16 and 17. If you plan on joining Hua Chenyu in his annual Martian homecoming, make sure to clear your schedule and start looking for temporary Martian lodging around the landing area in advance. Excited Martians from Weibo have already reported difficulty in hotel booking in the vicinity of the stadium.

Wuyuanhe Stadium

Here are some photos from last year’s Mars Concerts to get your blood pumping.

June 27 Update: Poster, Prices, Ticketing Platform

The official poster for the 2019 Mars Concert has been released. Hua Chenyu posted on Weibo “November 2, Shenzhen Bao’an Stadium, welcome home to Mars, everyone! #2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert”

Concert Poster

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert poster

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert poster

As always, there’s no inflation on Mars, and ticket prices for Hua’s 2019 concert remain the same as they have been for the last six years, even though the demand has skyrocketed and Midgardian economy has been fragile. This is Hua’s subtle way of giving back to his fans, and art from the heart has no price tag.

Ticketing Platform

As is tradition, tickets will be sold on, a Chinese ticketing website. Ticket sales page has NOT been released yet.

Please note that only a small portion of events on Damai are available on both its Chinese and English websites. Many events can only be accessed via the Chinese website. The 2018 Mars Concert used to be available on damai’s English site, but was taken down shortly before ticket sales started. So we’re not sure if this year’s Mars Concert will have an English ticket sales page on damai.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for various seat options are: CNY (Chinese yuan) ¥1280-1080-880-580-480-380-180 (at the time of this writing, 1 Chinese yuan = 0.15 US dollars = 0.20 Singapore dollars = 0.60 Malaysian ringgits)

July 13 Update: Ticket Sales Page Released on

Online ticketing platform Damai published the ticket sales page for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Shenzhen Mars Concert. Please note that ticket sales have NOT started yet. You can, however, set the Damai mobile app to notify you when ticket sales start.

Here’s the ticket sales page for the 2019 Mars Concert:

Ticket sales will start at 14:07 (UTC+8) on July 20.

A Chinese ID is required to buy tickets. And each Chinese ID can only buy one ticket.

July 14 Update: Ticket Sales on Owhat

Same as previous years, a small portion of tickets will be sold on Owhat, a Chinese fan service app. Sales on Owhat will start at 21:00 on July 18. Owhat provides a test link where users can rehearse the ticket buying process.

For those of you who do not hold a Chinese ID and want to buy tickets for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert, you can try contacting the various branches of Hua Chenyu Global Fan Club. Members of the fan club mostly communicate via QQ (a Chinese messaging app) and Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter).

July 15 Update: Damai Changed Ticket Info to Allow Passports and Mainland Travel Permits

Good news! The official ticketing platform for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert just changed its ticket purchase policy for the concert today. It is currently stated on the ticket sales page that passports, mainland travel permits for Taiwan residents, and mainland travel permits for Hong Kong and Macao residents CAN be used to buy tickets for Hua’s 2019 concert! Each ID (be it Chinese ID, passport, or mainland travel permit) can only purchase one ticket. To purchase two tickets, you need to provide two different IDs. Since Damai changed its ticket purchase policies NUMEROUS times for last year’s Mars Concerts, beware that they might change it again in the future. But currently it’s looking good!

Screenshot in case Damai changes its tune again (click to view full picture).

2019 Mars Concert ticketing page screenshot

Judging from previous years’ concerts, Damai might not support overseas shipping. (At the time of this writing, no shipping information has been provided on the ticket sales page.) Also, currently the concert only has a Chinese ticketing page on Damai. No English page is provided.

July 17 Update: Owhat Ticket Sales Page Released

Click here to buy tickets for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert on Owhat. Ticket sales start at 21:00 (UTC+8) on July 18. Please note that tickets can only be bought via the Owhat app and cannot be bought directly from the webpage. Download the Owhat app if you’re planning to buy tickets on July 18. If you cannot buy tickets from Owhat, fret not. The bulk of the tickets will still be sold on Damai on July 20 at 14:07 (UTC+8).

A Chinese ID is required to buy tickets on Owhat. To curb ticket scalping, users also need to answer a Hua Chenyu-related question correctly to buy tickets.

July 20 Update: Tickets Sold out in 3 Seconds

Tickets for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert were sold out in 3 seconds on Damai.

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert tickets sold out in 3 seconds

Throughout various Chinese ticketing platforms, Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called, or sometimes ET for short) are known for their speed and server-crashing capabilities, faster than wild fire and more effective than any coordinated DDoS attack. Just two days ago, a small-scale ticket sales for 2019 Mars Concert took place on Chinese fan service app Owhat that brought down the app’s servers for several hours, causing wide-spread confusion and curiosity among its users.

To prove that tickets for his concerts are not that hard to get, Hua vowed to join the ticket-snatching fray this year in a recent interview, and tooted his own horn for possessing “a pianist’s fingers” that are supposedly very fast and nimble and suitable for speedy ticket purchases. Well, Martians were quick to make him eat his own words.

Hua posted an ellipsis on Weibo at 14:08 today, referencing his failed attempt at purchasing a ticket for his own concert. Later he posted two photos with the words “I discovered that one’s finger speed on the piano does not help with ticket-snatching endeavors whatsoever. Are you all demons?”

August 9 Update: Extra Date Added

An extra date was added to Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert after the initial batch of tickets sold out in 3 seconds. Hua announced on Weibo today that he will play an additional show on November 3 at the same venue, Shenzhen Bao’an Stadium (深圳宝安体育中心), and that he won’t blow his second chance to snatch a ticket for his own concert after returning empty-handed last month.

Extra date added to 2019 Mars Concert
Photo by Hua Chenyu weibo

Ticket sales for the second concert have not started yet. Click here to go to the ticket sales page on Damai. You can also buy tickets from the Owhat app (Android version, iOS version).

August 11 Update: Ticket Sales on Owhat for November 3 Concert Set on August 16

A small portion of tickets for Hua Chenyu’s November 3 Mars Concert will be sold on Owhat app (Android version, iOS version) at 21:00 (UTC+8) on August 16. Overseas fans can use their passports to purchase tickets. Buyers must also fill in their Weibo account when purchasing tickets. Currently we’re not sure whether the lack of a Weibo account will disallow users from purchasing tickets.

August 17 Update: Owhat Ticket Sales Postponed to August 17 Due to Server Crash

Due to a not entirely unexpected server crash, the Owhat ticket sales for Hua Chenyu’s November 3 Mars Concert has been postponed to August 17 at 21:00 (Beijing time).

August 20 Update: Ticket Sales for November 3 Concert Set on August 31 on Damai

Ticket sales for Hua Chenyu’s November 3 Mars Concert will start at 14:07 (GMT+8) on August 31 on Damai, a ticketing platform.

Click here to buy tickets.

2019 Mars Concert Poster

August 31 Update: November 3 Mars Concert Sold out in 5 seconds

On August 31, Hua Chenyu’s November 3 Mars Concert sold out in 5 seconds on Damai. See this post for more details.

September 27 Update: November 1 Extra Concert Added

Hua Chenyu announced on his Weibo that a third date (November 1) has been added to his 2019 Mars Concerts. (He also pledged to shave his head should he fail to snatch a ticket for a third time. Take this information as you will. I foresee much tomfoolery ahead 🤣) A small portion of the tickets will be sold on Owhat app (Android version, iOS version) at 21:00 Beijing time (UTC+8) on October 6. The rest of the tickets will be sold on Damai website starting from 14:07 Beijing time on October 12. Click here to buy tickets on Damai.
2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert poster

October 12 Update: November 1 Mars Concert Sold out in 7 Seconds

On October 12, tickets for Hua Chenyu’s November 1, 2019 Mars Concert sold out in 7 seconds on ticketing platform Damai. See this post for more details.

October 22 Update: 2019 Mars Concerts Postponed

On October 22, Hua Chenyu Studio posted on Weibo that the 2019 Mars Concerts had been postponed due to force majeure. Efforts are being made to ensure that Martians will still get to “come home” this year. More information about a contingency plan will be released in the next seven days. Hua Chenyu posted on Weibo that he was contacting other venues.

October 28 Update: 2019 Mars Concerts Moved to Wuyuanhe Stadium in Haikou on November 15, 16 and 17

On October 27, Hua Chenyu Studio posted on Weibo that the venue for the 2019 Mars Concerts had been changed to Wuyuanhe Stadium in Haikou, Hainan. The concerts will be held on November 15, 16 and 17.

1. For fans who have already bought tickets:

To return tickets, please contact For fans who bought tickets on Owhat, please contact the corresponding Hua Chenyu fan clubs to return tickets.

Deadline for ticket returns: 18:00 October 31, 2019 (GMT+8).

If you haven’t returned your tickets by then, the old tickets for the November 1, 2 and 3 concerts will automatically be repurposed for the new November 15, 16 and 17 concerts respectively and for seats of the same price. Tickets will be shipped to the original addresses submitted upon purchase.

2. Ticket sales for the Haikou concerts start at:

14:07 November 1 for the November 15 concert
14:07 November 2 for the November 16 concert
14:07 November 3 for the November 17 concert

Click here to buy tickets on Damai.

3. Commemorative tickets

To compensate for the inconvenience, a special edition commemorative ticket will be mailed to everyone who has bought tickets for the Shenzhen concerts.

November 16 Update: 2019 Mars Concerts Live Chat & Updates

Click here for the live chat and updates about the 2019 Mars Concerts.

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  1. Sorry guys, shortly after this post was published, the site’s server went kaput for like an hour or so. I had to restore it to a backup version made 7 days ago. So if you find your recent comments are missing or any other weird stuff going on, that’s because the site just time-travelled to 7 days ago. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything’s back to normal now.

  2. Ok, I have to say the blackout almost gave me a heart attack. I was thinking, not again! Glad everything’s good again.

    I’m excited but sad at the same time. Living across the ocean is no fun when you really want to go to Mars. 🙁

        1. Hi, UGYC x 4-KARAm ™ (@graceyoochi)! There’s a discord server for Hua Chenyu fans: Though I’m not sure how many of them are planning to go to this year’s concert. A 2019 Mars Concert gc would be great!

      1. I’ve been saving up my vacation days for this since I couldn’t make it last year. I’m worried they will require a Chinese ID again this year 🙁

        1. Yep, that would be bad 🤦‍♀️. Currently there’s no ticket information though. I really hope the event organizers will consider improving their international service. Although, with the trade war, brexit, and all the other crazy things going on these past few years, it seems the international economic ecosystem is rapidly dissolving…

          1. International ET are ET too 😖 Could they consider Passport ID instead?

            But the stadium size is too small. It’s less than half of Bird Nest, and both dates sold out within 3 minutes last year for Bird Nest!

          2. Last year, Damai (the ticketing platform) originally said they would allow passport ID, but reneged at the last minute, no idea why. They said the Chinese ID requirement was to curb ticket scalping. Then theoretically speaking, passport ID should work as well. I really hope they can work out all the kinks this year. After all, they have a lot of time to practice. Judging from past Mars Concerts, I think this year’s tickets will likely also be sold on, with a small number of tickets set aside for Owhat (a fan service platform) sales.

    1. Currently there’s no official information about tickets. I think it’ll be a while before they release ticket information (as is the case for last year’s Mars Concerts).

        1. Really hope the ticketing platform will step up their game this year… Or maybe you can try to join the overseas fan club. They’ll help overseas fans buy tickets.

  3. Taking leave from work ( tick)
    Looking at airfares and hotels ( tick)
    Now i just need tickets to Hua Hua concert 2/11. Fingers cross overseas fans can buy them. or genuine hua hua fans in china can get them for us.

    1. Me took I have taken leave and hotel booking now just left with the ticket.

      I really hope kind fans over this chat could drop me a msg once you have news on the tickets sales as I really had no clue on where and how to get. As my mandarin is bad cant read much of the characters except basic ones.

      Btw are you guys on this chat all from Singapore too?

  4. Same here Shazza. Im from Australia. I have everything organized except the concert tickets. I have no idea how to get them ( i can only read basic chinese characters too.) l hope when the tickets are realeased Hua Hua kind fans 可以帮忙.

    1. Hi, Bobi, I’ll update ticket info in this post when it’s available. Also, the Hua Chenyu overseas fan club has been helping overseas fans buy tickets for years. You can try contacting them. But it’s pretty hard to join from what I’ve heard, and their members mostly communicate via QQ (a Chinese messaging app). Their QQ group chat number is 454868848.

      1. Thanx heaps IL. I will try and see if i can join as a member and go from there. I have already booked my flight and accommodation, so fingers cross i can get tix . 🙂

  5. I wish he could hold a concert outside of China, like maybe Singapore or Hong Kong. As an Indonesian fan, I’m desperate to get tickets for the concert without the Chinese ID 😔

    1. Yep, we all do… In an interview at the beginning of the year, Hua mentioned he had considered holding a concert in a new location, and there were rumours that he might be considering Taiwan or Hong Kong. In the end, nothing came of it. But I think Hong Kong might have a tiny bit of chance in the future. Also, places like Singapore and Hong Kong would definitely be top of the list if Hua were to seriously consider exotic locales. Europe and the U.S. are kinda far-fetched, maybe in my dreams, haha.

  6. Hi,

    Could you please tell me where to buy Hua ChenYu’s ticket? I really hope that I can buy it for my sister. She’s been looked forward to it

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Linh Tran! Tickets will be sold on (a Chinese ticketing website). Currently, ticket sales haven’t started yet, and the ticket sales page for Hua Chenyu’s concert has NOT been released yet. I’ll update this post when Damai publishes the ticket sales page.

      1. Yeah, I heard from some places that it hasn’t started the sale yet. But for some reason, I found some websites that starts pre-sale. Is this any difference?

        1. Only is the legit ticketing platform for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert. Based on previous years, Damai may set aside a small portion of tickets to be sold on Owhat, a fan service app. Their website is (Although this year it has not been confirmed yet whether Owhat will sell tickets for the 2019 Mars Concert.) All the other websites claiming to be selling Hua Chenyu concert tickets are scammers and fakes. Be careful and stay vigilant!

  7. Wishing everyone good luck in purchasing tickets to 2019 Mars Concert! Hope to see you all on Mars in November ❤️ love how Hua’s International fanbase is growing rapidly as we speak.
    A special thanks to whoever is posting on this website, everything is so accurate and updated, thanks again for your work!

    1. Thank you, Mimihaela! That’s me. Glad to be of help! And good luck with the tickets, everyone!

        1. I’m not. But there used to be a few users from Singapore in this thread. Not sure if they got tickets.

    1. You can contact the Hua Chenyu Global Fan Club and its various branches. (I’ve listed their Weibo accounts in the article.) Some of the Martians that bought tickets might decide to sell them due to unforeseen schedule conflicts and stuff. The fan club might organize ticket resale for fans. As for secondary markets, nine out of ten sellers that claim to have Hua Chenyu tickets are scammers! They will take your money and disappear. Many Martians have fallen victim to these scams over the years! So stay vigilant and away from shady sellers!

    1. Damai is the only legit seller. Sellers on Taobao are either scalpers or scammers. (Scalpers might have real tickets, but would overcharge you. If it’s a scammer, the ticket might be fake.) Stay vigilant!

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