30,000 copies of YOHO magazine’s June issue featuring Hua Chenyu were sold out within hours of Hua’s Weibo post promoting the magazine with two blushing emoticons on International Children’s Day (June 1 in China). Media think-pieces on Hua Chenyu love playing with the dichotomy between “a child inside an adult’s body” and “an old soul trapped in a young body”, and can never seem to decide which one describes Hua better, or if both of them are true at the same time. As an artist that has been referred to as both “wise beyond his age” and “a Peter Pan at heart”, it seems fitting that Hua would gift his fans a special treat on Children’s Day.

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In other news, Season 3 of singing competition show The Coming One (all-girl version) will start filming on June 4. Hua Chenyu will reprise his role as a coach on the show. You can check our Schedule page for details. Here’s a pre-show interview of Hua Chenyu.

Hua Chenyu English Subs channel has been exploring new ways to deliver subtitles to our audience. This is our profile on Amara, a subtitling platform. You can find many Hua Chenyu videos with subtitles here.
https://amara.org/en/profiles/videos/[email protected]/

If you’re in Malaysia, don’t miss this rare opportunity to buy Hua Chenyu’s second album Aliens with 10% off at [email protected] 14th Edition, a nine-day book fair held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

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