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Hua Chenyu will reprise his role as a mentor on Tencent’s singing competition show The Coming One Season 3 (all-girl version, 明日之子水晶时代) after coaching aspiring musicians on the show for the first two seasons. Season 3 premiered on Tencent Video on June 15 (click to watch on Tencent) and will start airing on YouTube at 20:00 on June 16.

Video by Tencent

The teaser episode tells the tale of six coaches (Martian songsmith Hua Chenyu, Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun, comedian and actress Song Dandan, producer Long Danni, member of Rocket Girls 101 Meng Meiqi, and Season One winner Mao Buyi) and their expectations and motivations coming onto the show. Here’s a short translated clip from the teaser.

Season 3 is set to air on Saturday nights at 20:00 Beijing time on Tencent Video (episode list on Tencent), and will likely be uploaded to Tencent’s official YouTube channel a day after its airing on Tencent Video.

For those of you who have followed Season 2 closely, you’re probably aware that Tencent once took most episodes of Season 2 off of YouTube and nuked all the other channels that uploaded edited clips from the show. For whatever reason, Tencent put those episodes back approximately two months ago. This is the link to the entire Season 2 on YouTube (no subtitles).

Season 3 Watch Guide


Episode Air date on Tencent English subtitles Where to watch
Season 3 Episode 1 June 22, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 2 June 29, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 3 July 6, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 4
July 13, 2019
Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 5
July 20, 2019
Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 6
July 27, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 7
August 3, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 8
August 10, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 9
August 17, 2019 Yes YouTube
Season 3 Episode 10 (Finale)
August 24, 2019 Yes YouTube

Season 3 Outtakes and Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Video Content English subtitles Where to watch
Ming Mei Behind-the-Scenes EP2
Hua Chenyu coaching the contestants Yes YouTube
Hua Chenyu Cuts Hua’s comments as a judge Yes YouTube
Aliens Hua performing “Aliens” Yes YouTube
Unaired Hua Chenyu Cuts from EP3 Hua’s commentary as a judge Yes YouTube
Hua Chenyu Interview Interview Yes YouTube
Unaired clips from EP4 Hua coaching Ye Yuhan on chord progressions Yes YouTube
Ming Mei Behind-the-Scenes EP4 Hua coaching the contestants and re-arranging their songs on the fly
No YouTube
Ming Mei Behind-the-Scenes EP6 Watch how Hua Chenyu shapes and tweaks contestants’ performances on Episode 8 Yes YouTube

If Mars seems quiet lately, here’s a quick rundown of the major happenings on the red planet in the past two weeks.

On June 4, Hua’s good friend Zhang Xinyi posted a photo of Hua playing with her three-month old son, the one he dedicated a song to in his 2018 Mars Concert. Hua replied on Weibo, “I’m his uncle”.

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Xinyi's son

On June 8, Hua bantered with his Superboy 2013 pal Zuo Li and wished everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival with two selfies.

And don’t miss this stunning performance of “A New World” at the season finale of Produce Camp 2019.

Video by Tencent, translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

On June 14, OurStreetStyle published the last set of photos from Hua’s photoshoot along with a nice article. There are also a couple of videos in there which you know must be very haute couture because they feature Hua striking poses in slow-mo to strummy music against some oddly-arranged backgrounds. Anyway, feast your eyes!

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  1. I am curious, based on the translation thus far for Tencent YouTube channel, is your team providing subs for this season then? Thanks!

    1. We’ll try providing subs for a couple of short clips on Tencent’s official YouTube channel first and see if Tencent will accept them, and then go from there. We don’t want another Ace vs Ace type of mess.

      1. That would probably be better in terms of workload for your team. I saw too that Tencent put up individual coach/mentor clips from the first pre-episode. Let’s hope they continue to do that so you can just sub Hua’s part. 😀

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