The official poster for the 2019 Mars Concert has been released. Hua Chenyu posted on Weibo “November 2, Shenzhen Bao’an Stadium, welcome home to Mars, everyone! #2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert”

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert poster

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert poster

As always, there’s no inflation on Mars, and ticket prices for Hua’s 2019 concert remain the same as they have been for the last six years, even though the demand has skyrocketed and Midgardian economy has been fragile. This is Hua’s subtle way of giving back to his fans, and art from the heart has no price tag.

As is tradition, tickets will be sold on, a Chinese ticketing website. Ticket sales page has NOT been released yet.

Please note that only a small portion of events on Damai are available on both its Chinese and English websites. Many events can only be accessed via the Chinese website. The 2018 Mars Concert used to be available on damai’s English site, but was taken down shortly before ticket sales started. So we’re not sure if this year’s Mars Concert will have an English ticket sales page on damai.

Ticket prices for various seat options are: CNY (Chinese yuan) ¥1280-1080-880-580-480-380-180 (at the time of this writing, 1 Chinese yuan = 0.15 US dollars = 0.20 Singapore dollars = 0.60 Malaysian ringgits)

All information about the 2019 Mars Concert will be updated in this sticky post.

On an unrelated note, here’s a newly released Gucci video featuring Hua Chenyu to soothe your eyes. And a set of Gucci photos. And a short behind-the-scenes video of the Gucci photoshoot. I’ve said Gucci so many times the word has lost all meaning… Gucci.

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