Hua Chenyu at Phoenix Music Festival 2019

Hua Chenyu rocked a packed Qingdao Golden Beach at Phoenix Music Festival on July 7, despite strong winds and heavy showers earlier in the day. Last to take the stage, Hua wrapped up the day’s performances with a setlist stocked with hits and fan favorites including “I Don’t Care”, “Seek”, “Bullfighting”, “Arrival”, “For Forever”, “Aliens”, and “Why Nobody Fights”. He even threw in a little improvisation in between chatting with the audience and thanking them for being there despite the weather. Here are a few fancams from the festival.

In other news, Hua Chenyu is featured on the cover of the 723rd issue of Malaysia’s Chinese language magazine epop. You can buy a copy here (webpage in Chinese).

Hua Chenyu graces the cover of Epop magazine

In the latest episode of singing competition program The Coming One (Season 3 Episode 3) aired on Saturday night, Hua Chenyu and his fellow judges were equipped with new “channel-flipping” buttons shaped like upvotes and coloured like downvotes that enabled them to choose whose voice can be heard at any given moment in a quintet performance.


The contestants were given a list of four songs to prepare for in advance, and were called to the stage days later in groups of five to perform a randomly chosen song from the list. Singing the same song may have provided the judges with a controlled variable that magnified the varied abilities of the contestants, but watching all of them singing the same four songs with little room for creativity for two hours is a surefire way to give the audience an earbleed just from hearing the same few opening lines for so many times, without even the luxury to appreciate the songs in their entirety with the proper building of emotion, climax, and ending. The rigid format may also have inadvertently held up a fun house mirror to the entire Chinese education system. Watching Hua Hua’s pretty fingers pawing adorably at the buttons only slightly made up for it.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t hear an unfinished sentence without completing it, or put down a half-read book, or refrain from righting a tilted picture frame, then this episode is going to drive you crazy. Be warned! (Lots of unfinished songs in it.)

You can watch the entire episode here (turn on Captions in video settings to bring out the English subtitles).

Or click here to watch it on Tencent Video. If you’re in Singapore, Taiwan, or other regions and cannot watch the show on YouTube, try downloading the WeTV app. The show may be available on the app.

Here are a bunch of photos from today’s Phoenix Festival and yesterday’s The Coming One episode.

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  1. I do hope we still get English subs for this one, even if it is repetitive and boring. I really want to hear what Hua Hua has to say.

    1. Don’t worry. English subs are coming soon. Hua is kind and insightful as always in this episode. I just wanted to warn people of the peculiarities beforehand…

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