Hua Chenyu at 2018 Mars Concert

Good news! Damai, the official ticketing platform for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert, just changed its ticket purchase policy for the concert today. It is currently stated on the ticket sales page that passports, mainland travel permits for Taiwan residents, and mainland travel permits for Hong Kong and Macao residents CAN be used to buy tickets for Hua’s 2019 concert! Each ID (be it Chinese ID, passport, or mainland travel permit) can only purchase one ticket. To purchase two tickets, you need to provide two different IDs. Here’s a screenshot in case Damai changes its tune in the future.

2019 Mars Concert ticketing page screenshot

Judging from previous years’ concerts, Damai might not support overseas shipping. (At the time of this writing, no shipping information has been provided on the ticket sales page.) Also, currently the concert only has a Chinese ticketing page on Damai. No English page is provided.

All information about the 2019 Mars Concert will be updated in this sticky post.


7 Replies to “Passports and Mainland Travel Permits Allowed to Purchase Tickets for 2019 Mars Concert”

  1. If can use passport number that means doesn’t need Chinese ID right? We overseas fan can buy using our passport right?

    1. Yes. According to the current information on the ticket sales page, overseas fans can buy tickets using passports instead of Chinese ID.

  2. If overseas shipping isn’t supported, how are we overseas fans supposed to get our tickets after buying it? Hopefully it’s possible…

    1. This I’m not sure… You can try asking Damai’s customer service staff from their website perhaps…

    1. Yes, you can buy tickets directly from the website on PC. Both the Damai app and the website are okay.

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