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On July 20, tickets for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert were sold out in 3 seconds on Damai.

Hua Chenyu 2019 Mars Concert tickets sold out in 3 seconds

Throughout various Chinese ticketing platforms, Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called, or sometimes ET for short) are known for their speed and server-crashing capabilities, faster than wild fire and more effective than any coordinated DDoS attack. Just two days ago, a small-scale ticket sales for 2019 Mars Concert took place on Chinese fan service app Owhat that brought down the app’s servers for several hours, causing wide-spread confusion and curiosity among its users.

To prove that tickets for his concerts are not that hard to get, Hua vowed to join the ticket-snatching fray this year in a recent interview, and tooted his own horn for possessing “a pianist’s fingers” that are supposedly very fast and nimble and suitable for speedy ticket purchases. (The cover picture is a screenshot of Hua saying “I can definitely snatch a ticket!”) Well, Martians were quick to make him eat his own words.

Hua posted an ellipsis on Weibo at 14:08 today, referencing his failed attempt at purchasing a ticket for his own concert. Later he posted two photos with the words “I discovered that one’s finger speed on the piano did not help with ticket-snatching endeavors whatsoever. Are you all demons?”

To be fair though, even some of the early 5G adopters met their downfall today, as this fancy 5G phone owner’s sad tale during the crucial minute showed us.

Ticket snatching with 5G

It seems that on the way to Mars, even piano-honed fingers and cutting-edge technology are no match for the enthusiasm of determined ETs with their eyes on the prize.

7 Replies to “Tickets for Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert Sold out in 3 Seconds”

  1. Now that HH experienced the ET struggles firsthand, can he start adding more shows haha. Just not back to back so he won’t get sick. Also, no other schedules around that time so he can rest.

    1. Yep, I think what he did with the 2016 Mars Concert Tour can be a good model. He toured three cities, each one month apart, giving him plenty of time to rest.

  2. Haha, so hilarious, I, too, joined in on the fun. On the count down to zero I was able to click and grab on a 1280 but since I don’t have an account was not able to continue on. Dang it! Wish international fans can buy tickets too!

    1. Yes, it’s not like Damai hasn’t sold tickets for international events before, so it’s not like they have to invest in new features/infrastructure for that. Though to be fair, there were a few times things turned disastrous when they serviced popular international events. But that’s no reason to give up the overseas market entirely!

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