On July 23, luxury beauty products brand Helena Rubinstein announced Hua Chenyu as one of its brand ambassadors with a very appealing photo.

Hua Chenyu endorses HR
Photo by HR赫莲娜

Click here to view the official Wechat page with a promo video.

Hua Chenyu was also mentioned in an episode of the latest TV adaptation of hit manga series Prince of Tennis, currently airing on Hunan TV. In the show, Echizen Ryoma’s (renamed Lu Xia in the adaptation) eccentric father Nanjiro (renamed Lu Xiangqian) is obsessed with Hua Chenyu instead of swimsuit models. In Episode 3, a nosy reporter failed to finagle an interview with him using signed Hua Chenyu photos as bait (click to watch clip). Later, when the ojisan was hit by a bike, the offender was able to patch things up with him by outing himself as a staunch Martian (as Hua Chenyu fans are called). You can watch the clip here.

In this week’s The Coming One (Season 3 Episode 6), Hua Chenyu revealed his unique philosophy towards live performance when trying to console contestant Pam who was crying over a botched note during her earlier performance. Bespectacled Hua also made an adorkable appearance in this episode. You can watch it here (English subs coming soon).

Video by Tencent

The show has put most footage of the judges’ coaching and commentary into a spin-off series called Ming Mei Behind the Scenes (明妹闪光记). If you want to get a close-up view of how Hua Chenyu coaches the contestants on the show, check this series out. Here’s Hua Chenyu’s clip from the latest Ming Mei Behind the Scenes episode where he makes improvements to contestants’ songs on the fly and offers insightful vocal and stage design suggestions left and right.

Video by Tencent

Here’s the entire translated Episode 2 of Ming Mei Behind the Scenes thanks to the wonderful Hua Chenyu English Subs team.

In other news, Hua Chenyu will appear on the Season 5 finale concert of Dragon TV’s variety show Go Fighting! (极限挑战) that airs at 21:00 on July 28. The episode will likely be uploaded to the SMG YouTube channel shortly afterwards. Click here to watch the episode on Youku. Here’s Hua Chenyu and Dilraba’s duet of “Chivalry”. Hua wrote a few lines of new harmony into the song that beautifully set off the original rap verses.

On August 10, Hua Chenyu will perform at the 2019 King Pro League (KPL) World Champion Cup at Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre. Click here to view event details.

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