Hua Chenyu

In this week’s episode of The Coming One (Season 3 Episode 7), the contestants get to try their hand at song-writing and re-arrangement, resulting in the most musically intimate and diverse episode of the season so far. Letting the contestants take the creative reins of their own performance provides the audience with a rare chance to get to know them on a deeper level, and in the case of the occasional insomniac writing this, an unexpected pick-me-up during a sleep-deprived fugue. You can watch the episode here (English subtitles coming soon).

Video by Tencent

And don’t miss the latest episode of Ming Mei Behind the Scenes (a spin-off of the show with behind-the-scenes footage of how the contestants prepare for the performances and receive advice from the six coaches). Click here to watch Hua Chenyu’s cut where he improvises on the piano and coaches the contestants on songwriting.

On August 2, Hua Chenyu posted his HR promo video on Weibo. Click here to watch it. To pre-order the HR Powercell skin reinforcer endorsed by Hua Chenyu, click here. Please exercise caution before you splurge.

In the latest episodes of Hunan TV’s live-action adaptation of manga series Prince of Tennis (奋斗吧!少年), Lu Xiangqian (based on Echizen Nanjiro) continues to fanboy over Hua Chenyu and receive “bribes” in the form of Hua Chenyu merchandise. Here are two clips from the show.

The full version of the 2019 Go Fighting! (极限挑战) Benefit Concert will be aired at 21:00 (UTC+8) on August 4 on Dragon TV, and will probably be uploaded to SMG YouTube channel sometime afterwards. Click here to watch a clip of Hua Hua playing games with other celebrities at the concert. Click here to watch Hua perform “Bullfighting”.

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