Hua Chenyu at 2018 Mars Concert

An extra date was added to Hua Chenyu’s 2019 Mars Concert after the initial batch of tickets sold out in 3 seconds. Hua announced on Weibo today that he will play an additional show on November 3 at the same venue, Shenzhen Bao’an Stadium (深圳宝安体育中心), and that he won’t blow his second chance to snatch a ticket for his own concert after returning empty-handed last month.

Extra date added to 2019 Mars Concert
Photo by Hua Chenyu weibo

Ticket sales for the November 3 concert have not started yet. Click here to go to the ticket sales page on Damai. You can also buy tickets from the Owhat app (Android version, iOS version).

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  1. Greeting fellow Martians, can any Martian help me? My Mother is wheelchair bound handicap but she’s major HuaHua fan. Is the concert seating or standing concert?

    1. Hi, Anthony, it’s a seated concert. It’s very sweet of you to scout out the seating situation for your mother. Best of luck to you and your mother!

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