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On August 31, Hua Chenyu’s November 3 Mars Concert sold out in 5 seconds on Damai.

2019 Mars Concert

Unable to let go of his very public and embarrassing failed attempt to snatch a ticket for his November 2 concert last month, Hua intended to stage a comeback in a recent interview, claiming that he had his eyes on the prize this time and would not stop until he successfully secured a ticket for his own concert. He even went as far as promising to add another concert date should he fail a second time.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

Minutes before the ticket sales started this afternoon, Hua posted a selfie on Weibo with the words “Let’s chat” in a blatant attempt to distract Martians from their ticket-snatching efforts. Using his own adorable mug as bait was a low blow, but ultimately proved futile in deflecting determined Martians from snapping up all the tickets in five seconds, leaving none for poor Hua Hua.

Hua Chenyu Weibo

Realizing his failure, Hua sneakily deleted the above post, possibly to destroy evidence, and threw a tantrum threatening to “delete Weibo” in another Weibo post. Even if he followed it up with “hit the gym” and “lawyer up” and completed the Internet aphorism that’s supposedly the solution to all problems, it probably still wouldn’t be enough to help him obtain a ticket. At the time of this writing, Martians are busy laughing at him in his Weibo comments.

Hua Chenyu threatening to delete Weibo
Hua Chenyu Weibo screenshot. Translation: I’m so mad! I’m gonna delete Weibo! [angry emoji]

On an unrelated note, here’s a newly-released behind-the-scenes video of Hua Chenyu’s latest Yoseido TV commercial.

Video by yu A

And a new interview with Xiaoman.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu Fansubs

And a video montage of Helena Rubinstein’s commercial event on August 21.

Video by yu A

November 4 Update

A Vlog of Hua’s failed ticket-snatching attempt.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

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