Hua Chenyu at 2019 Runningshark Music Festival

Hua Chenyu seemed determined to leave a lasting impression on his fans before his brief hiatus from the public eye as he appeared with a mullet and an artfully-placed streak of red face paint at RUNNINGSHARK music festival on September 7 in Chengdu.

By now, festival organizers and performers have all had a relatively solid grasp on the modus operandi of Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called), and often come prepared with crowd-control tricks and strategies that work well on Martians, and Hua Chenyu is almost always scheduled as the last to take the stage to ensure a packed venue throughout the day.

Lao Lang, who performed before Hua, even changed a line of his last song to “Quietly thinking of you, my Hua Hua”, much to the delight of enthusiastic Martians.

Hua’s setlist yesterday includes “I Don’t Care”, “Bullfighting”, “Seek”, “Arrival”, “New World”, and “Why Nobody Fights”. Here’s a fancam of Hua’s set.

During a lull in the music, Martians chanted “Ni mei piao (你没票, you ain’t got no ticket)” at Hua, referencing his two failed attempts to snatch a ticket for his own concerts, which was par for the course with the usual brand of banter and good humour between Hua and his fans. Hua conceded that he indeed had no tickets, but retorted, “(It’s not) like any of you got tickets!” He then brightened up and said, “If I have no tickets, I can always add another concert” to the wild cheers of Martians. Here’s a fancam of the exchange.

According Hua Chenyu Studio’s Weibo, Chengdu was the last glimpse of Hua Martians would get for quite a while. Hua plans to spend the rest of the month holed up at home writing songs for his upcoming concerts and fourth album. Here’s a video from Modern Weekly to keep you company during a Hua-less September. This is the second time Hua was featured on the cover the magazine.

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