Hua Chenyu debut 6th anniversary

Hua Chenyu announced on his Weibo today that a third date (November 1) has been added to his 2019 Mars Concerts, fulfilling his promise to add an extra date should he fail to snatch a ticket for his own concert for a second time. (He also pledged to shave his head should he fail to snatch a ticket for the third time. Take this information as you will. I foresee much tomfoolery ahead 🤣…) A small portion of the tickets will be sold on Owhat app (Android version, iOS version) at 21:00 Beijing time (UTC+8) on October 6. The rest of the tickets will be sold on Damai starting from 14:07 Beijing time on October 12. Click here to buy tickets on Damai.
2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert poster

Six years ago, Hua Chenyu won Hunan TV’s singing competition Superboy 2013, marking the beginning of a wonderful and peerless journey towards stardom rarely seen in the chaotic and capricious social media era of the Chinese entertainment industry. Since then, celebration of Hua’s debut anniversary has been an annual fixture in the Martian calendar (Hua Chenyu fans are called Martians). This year, as September 26 draws near, Martians from home and abroad unleashed their creative streak to show their appreciation for our beloved artist with coordinated Weibo avatar changes (a long-standing Martian tradition), video collages, billboard ads, get-togethers and all sorts of original artwork and general mischief.

Joining in on the festivities, Hua Chenyu English Subs put together a video collage of Hua Chenyu interviews and performances to celebrate this special day.

And our heartfelt thanks to Hua Hua for opening up his world to us through his music, and bringing all of us together in the process — across oceans, time zones, and language barriers — with his beautiful voice, vibrant musicality, and unwavering integrity.

Cover photo by Hua Chenyu studio.

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