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On October 12, tickets for Hua Chenyu’s November 1, 2019 Mars Concert sold out in 7 seconds on ticketing platform Damai.

2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert poster
Photo by Hua Chenyu studio

Earlier in July and August, the November 2 and 3 Mars Concerts were sold out in 3 and 5 seconds respectively. To prove that his concert tickets are not that hard to get, Hua joined his fans in the ticket-snatching fray this year, but failed miserably each time. On September 27, Hua upped the ante and pledged to shave his head should he return empty-handed for a third time. Unfortunately for Hua, history has a tendency to repeat itself, and third time is definitely not the charm for our poor Martian boy with the luscious but severely-underappreciated hair (this is the guy that once let a co-star cut his hair with a bowl on national TV). Hua claimed on Weibo today that he slept over the ticket sales, then posted a single “Huh”, followed by a string of emoji’s.

Hua Chenyu weibo 20191012

Luckily, Hua is surrounded by people sensible enough to look out for his hair. Hua Chenyu Studio posted a picture of a “Hua Chenyu-only” ticket on Weibo earlier today, indicating they had already secured a ticket for Hua from the event organizers. This is technically cheating, but all is fair when Hua Hua’s hair is at stake, and Martians are certainly willing to turn a blind eye.

"Hua Chenyu-only" Mars Concert ticket
“Hua Chenyu-only” 2019 Mars Concert ticket

In other news, Chinese fan service app KilaKila will organize a few online fan events in anticipation of this year’s Mars Concerts.

Date Time (UTC+8) Event
October 15 14:07 Share 100 tidbits about Hua Chenyu
October 18 14:07 Share little stories of Hua Chenyu and his Martians
October 25 14:07 Write a letter to Hua Chenyu

Here’s a new Hua Chenyu interview where he talks about his upcoming album and concert.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

Photo by a_little_star_shining_for_HCY

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