Hua Chenyu weibo 20191026

On October 26, Hua Chenyu posted a selfie of his new hairstyle on Weibo, proving once again that a Martian always honours his words. (If you haven’t caught up with the latest Martian news, last month, Hua pledged to shave his head should he fail to snatch a ticket for his own concert for the third time. See this post for details)

Hua Chenyu weibo screenshot 20191026

This photo provided some much needed levity following the recent gloomy news. Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called) have already started to fantasize about all sorts of future hairdos for Hua as his hair gradually grows longer. Or maybe his new-found skinhead style will inform his music, giving him a new wave of reggae, ska, and punk rock inspiration. One also can’t help but feel a little sorry about Hua’s latest endorsement deal with shampoo brand Hair Recipe, for which he filmed a commercial touting the product’s efficacy in keep one’s hair voluminous. Though one could argue that the speed with which Hua went from a completely shaved head to a fluffy buzzcut kinda proved the point anyway.

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