2019 Hua Chenyu Conversations with the Martian Child
On October 27, Hua Chenyu announced on Weibo that the venue for the 2019 Mars Concerts had been changed to Wuyuan River Stadium (五源河体育馆) in Haikou, Hainan, an island province famously known as the Hawaii of China. The concerts will be held on November 15, 16 and 17. If you’re among this year’s Martian home comers, it’s highly recommended that you spare plenty of time in your itinerary for tropical frolicking, bar-hopping, beach parties, and seafood tastings.

1. For fans who have already bought tickets for the Shenzhen concerts:

To return tickets, please contact Damai.cn. For fans who bought tickets on Owhat, please contact the corresponding Hua Chenyu fan clubs to return tickets.

Deadline for ticket returns: 18:00 October 31, 2019 (GMT+8).

If you haven’t returned your tickets by then, the old tickets for the November 1, 2 and 3 concerts will automatically be repurposed for the new November 15, 16 and 17 concerts respectively and for seats of the same price. Tickets will be shipped to the original addresses submitted upon purchase.

2. Ticket sales for the Haikou concerts start at:

14:07 November 1 for the November 15 concert
14:07 November 2 for the November 16 concert
14:07 November 3 for the November 17 concert

Click here to buy tickets on Damai.

3. Commemorative tickets

To compensate for the inconvenience, a special edition commemorative ticket will be mailed to everyone who has bought tickets for the Shenzhen concerts.

2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert poster

In other news, Hua Chenyu released new single “Conversations with the Martian Child” on October 28, following a year mired in management changes and contract problems. His last new single dates back to last year’s Mars Concerts in September 2018, when he performed three new songs “Bullfighting”, “Arrival”, and “A New World”. Due to unspecified problems with Hua’s label, studio versions of the three songs still have not been released. So it’s beyond joyous to see Hua finally able to release a new song properly without complications.

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It’s wonderful that at a time when most pop artists are scrambling for a more synthy, trappy, or processed sound, Hua Chenyu went the other way and dropped a back-to-basics single with pristine piano chords and a sweet-sounding choir-assisted chorus, musically simulating a conversation between himself and his Martians (as Hua Chenyu fans are called). This is also the second song for which Hua wrote both the melody and lyrics (with some input from Martians in the lyrics department). Hua’s usual MO is to compose a song and then leave the lyrics to a professional lyricist. It’s rare to see him try his hand at lyrics-writing. Crafted with the usual emotional effectiveness one has come to expect in most of Hua’s works, “Conversations with the Martian Child” is a song seeped in warmth and tenderness, ebullient with the innocent, tentative joy of human connection.

Update: Conversations with Martian Children music video released

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