NetEase Music is a Chinese music platform that is region-locked, which means it is only accessible to people in certain parts of the world (mostly China). Geo-blocking is a common practice among various online music and video streaming services. If you live outside of China and want to listen to music on NetEase, here’s how you can trick the platform into thinking you’re in China, and thereby gain access to millions of songs and other content on the platform.

Using a browser extension

You can use a nifty browser extension called NetEaseMusicWorld+ to gain access to NetEase Music outside of China. To do that, first you need to install Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer.
Note: If you’re interested in improving the extension, click here to go to the author nondanee’s github.

Chrome browser extension

Click here to install NetEaseMusicWorld+ Chrome extension
Click Add to Chrome.

Click this button to toggle the extension on and off.

Firefox browser extension

Click here to install NetEaseMusicWorld+ Firefox extension
Click Add to Firefox.
Tip: Refresh the page if the extension isn’t working.

Using a VPN

Another way to bypass geo-blocking is to use a VPN. A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection between your device and a private network over the wider Internet. There are numerous companies that offer VPN services for a subscription fee. Before you subscribe to a VPN service, make sure the service provider offers a Chinese server location. Otherwise you still won’t be able to access NetEase Music.

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    1. I tried the extension on Chrome and it worked. Did you click the icon to turn it on? It has two modes, “normal” and “enhanced”, you can try both modes (don’t forget to refresh the page after you switch to a new mode).

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