2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert

The studio version of Hua Chenyu’s new single, “I Really Want to Love This World”, which he performed for the first time at last month’s Mars Concerts, will be released on NetEase Music at 10:00 Beijing time (GMT+8) on December 4. The song will be available for purchase for 3 yuan (roughly 0.43 USD) apiece on NetEase. Repeat purchase is allowed in lieu of a tipping system.

This is not Hua’s first foray into the pay-per-track music distribution model. In 2014, Hua released his first self-written single “Why Nobody Fights” on Weibo Music — priced at 2 yuan per download — that made him the first Chinese musician to release a digital album under the pay-per-download model. Within five hours, the song was purchased some 23,000 times and made 105,000 yuan including tips (around US$17,000 at the time).

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If you live outside of China, you might not be able to access NetEase Music. Click here for a tutorial on how to listen to music on NetEase outside of China. Since the song is pay-per-download, overseas users might not be able to purchase the song on NetEase. Currently we’re not sure if the song will be released on Spotify.

Here’s a teaser video of the new single.

Here’s the live version of the song from 2019 Mars Concert.

In other news, Hua Chenyu Studio just released Hua’s itinerary for December. As of now, Hua’s only scheduled public appearance will be at December 14’s Migu Music Awards in Guangzhou.

Hua Chenyu December 2019 Schedule

From wearing a fish bowl like a helmet to draping giant pink petals all over himself like some flower fairy… the things Hua does for music, poor baby 🤣🤣🤣.

2019 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert
Photo by a_little_star_shining_for_HCY

Cover photo by Hua Chenyu studio.

4 Replies to ““I Really Want to Love This World” Studio Version to Be Released on December 4”

  1. Can’t wait to get the full studio song! I hope other new tracks will come out soon too. Or, if not, then the whole 4th album. FYI, if anyone wants the new song work with the Overseas team on webio. I paid in advance to the person in charge or ordering and when the new song goes live for purchase she will send me the audio file. 🙂

      1. Also, I didn’t realized how inexpensive Hua make the single. Just 3 yuan! So, in my miscalculation and money conversion instead of ordering 5 singles, I will most likely end up ordering maybe 50 instead. That is if there is no fees involved. LOL I am happy, too, to get that many singles. LOL

        1. Haha! One can never get enough of Hua Hua. And he always makes sure that his concert tickets are affordable by younger fans as well! He’s a sweet babe and loves his Martians dearly!

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