Hua Chenyu at 2019 Migu Music Awards

At December 14’s 2019 Migu Music Awards, Hua Chenyu took home top honours for Best Male Artist and Most Popular Male Artist of the Year. His song “Heaven’s Equal (齐天)” was named one of the Ten Best Songs of the Year, bringing his trophy count for the night up to three.

Emerging from his post-concert hibernation and decked in all pink, Hua delighted fans with hit songs “Seek”, “I Don’t Care”, “Bullfighting”, and “A New World” at the ceremony.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

In a back-stage interview with Migu Music on Saturday night, Hua shared some insight into his creative conceptualization of the four new songs he performed at last month’s Mars Concerts. Hua revealed that his interactive song, “Conversations with Martian Children (与火星的孩子的对话)”, was the last installment of his Martian trilogy. His recently-released single, “I Really Want to Love This World (好想爱这个世界啊)”, was the opening song, and the middle piece, “Mad House (疯人院)”, would be released sometime around next month. Meanwhile, his experimental single, “Seven Personalities (七重人格)”, should be considered an underlying theme for the entire trilogy.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

When asked about next year’s Mars Concerts, Hua said that the 2020 Mars Concert(s) would be held in spring next year in a northern Chinese city and took on an entirely new form. He originally wanted to try this new concert idea at this year’s Mars Concerts, but did not have enough time to pull it off, so he decided to try it out in next year’s Mars Concerts. In a previous interview released in November, Hua revealed that he wanted to provide next year’s Mars concert goers with a relaxing, home-like environment, complete with snacks, drinks, and games. Potential collaborations with other artists and brands might also be on the table. He even registered a new company solely to service all his Mars Concert-related operations.

Photo by Hua Chenyu studio.

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