Hua Chenyu 2020 New Year's Eve

After the clock struck midnight at Hunan TV’s star-studded New Year’s Gala, Hua Chenyu ushered in 2020 with a scintillating performance of new songs “A New World (新世界)”, “Seven Personalities (七重人格)” and “I Really Want to Love This World (好想爱这个世界啊)”. During Hua’s set, Hunan TV clocked a share of 30.85% and a 2.75% rating – stellar stats for post-midnight television. Rating fell back to 1.87% immediately after Hua’s performance ended.

Since there is no livestream for Hua’s 2019 Mars Concerts, where he performed several much-anticipated new songs, last night’s New Year’s Gala provided eager fans with a rare opportunity to enjoy high quality live video footage of two of Hua’s latest songs, complete with top-notch lighting, stage design, and camera work. You can check out this pitch perfect performance here.

Video & translation by Hua Chenyu English Subs

As is tradition, Hua posted his annual “Happy New Year” greetings on Weibo last night accompanied by the words “Good, at least I get to spend the new year with you!” Hua has posted a variation of the same sentence on Weibo every year on New Year’s Eve since his debut, forming one of the staple Weibo celebrations on the Martian calendar (other important dates include: Hua’s birthday on February 7, when he posts a selfie wearing the same clothes every year).

Hua Chenyu happy 2020

Hua’s next confirmed public appearance will be at January 11’s Weibo Night, an annual awards ceremony hosted by Weibo.

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