Hua Chenyu at Singer 2020

Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) was spotted filming Singer 2020 in Changsha last night. The official account of Singer program announced on Weibo yesterday that Hua Chenyu will be among the starting lineup of musicians on the show’s new season, titled “Singer – Prime (歌手·当打之年)”. Joining Hua on the show will be fellow singers Tia Ray (袁娅维), Lala Hsu (徐佳莹), Charlie Zhou Shen (周深), Mao Buyi (毛不易), Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾), and Japanese songstress MISIA. According to Singer official Weibo, there will be no “substitute singers” in the new season, and the performers will be in “constant danger” (of going home I presume). Judging from the cryptic wording, it’s possible there will still be “challenger singers” joining the show later when some of the initial singers are eliminated.

On January 3, Hua posted “all good things require patience” on his Weibo, possibly referencing problems negotiating with the Singer production team. Rumour on Weibo claimed that Hua went to film Singer unaccompanied and on very short notice. He did not even have time to rehearse his performance before filming. Nevertheless, Martians are excited for Hua’s return to the show that introduced him to so many like-minded music lovers both from home and abroad, and wish him the best of luck in the new season.

The show will air at 20:10 Beijing time on Friday nights on Hunan TV starting from January 31.

Photo by Singer official Weibo

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  1. Sounds like Hua’s schedule is going to full this first quarter of 2020, or even longer. Wish Hua all the best. I am super pumped to see Hua again on the Singer show. Jia you!

    1. Yep! Martians on Weibo speculated that he might have to put his plans for the 2020 Mars Concert and 4th album release on hold because he’d be so busy with Singer and Ace vs Ace. I’m super excited for both. Can’t wait to see him on the show!

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