Game Lounge

Here we combine Hua Chenyu with fun and games to cure your boredom.

How “Martian” are you? Let’s find out! Have fun and tell us your highscore.

Tip: If you’re on mobile, tilt the screen to landscape mode for a better experience.

Name the Song


Timeline 2

8 Replies to “Game Lounge”

    1. Then you’re probably doing it right 😉. The game is just an excuse for us to stare at his adorable noggin for prolonged periods of time!

    1. I know the feeling 😂. I think one YouTube reactor posted a video of himself playing the song guessing game. He started out pretty confident since he had reacted to a lot of Hua Chenyu videos, and then you could see him visibly deflate after a few songs 😂.

  1. Time line is soooooo hard! I became a Martian just in Oct. 2018, though I’ve finished watching all of his TV shows and part of the concerts, I just wasn’t aware of there time line. Only got 9 points! I’ve started searching him on Wiki.

    1. Not bad! Welcome to Mars! Bingeing all Hua’s shows seems like a common symptom for new residents on Mars 😆.

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